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Main Characters or Pairings: Kurt, unrequited Finn/Kurt and pre-Puck/Kurt
Length: ~3,800 words
Author on LJ/Author Website: recrudescence
Why this must be read: An episode tag slash fix it to 1x20 "Theatricality" in which Burt's not home when Finn blows his gasket; in the aftermath of some ugly headbutting Kurt runs away to hide in the choir room where Puck turns out to have some surprisingly accurate insights.
When Puck finally glances at him, his eyes are almost mirthful. “You're not gonna sell me on this,” he says. “I can't wave a magic homo wand and make Finn take you to prom.”

“Stranger things have happened. I taught the entire football team some kickass choreography and we won. Consistently.” He bites the inside of his lip and stares at the floor, hesitantly taking a seat in another plastic chair. “I didn't think having to live with me would be that bad.”

For what seems like a very long time, there's no sound except for Puck alternating between “Aqualung” and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme with appreciable dexterity. “Living with someone you care about is fucking hell.” His eyes are on his fingers. Kurt's are narrowed, trying to seek out the other shoe before it drops. But Puck doesn't do anything other than frown. “Quinn doesn't look at me more than she has to. When she first moved in, she'd wander around wearing this big-ass bathrobe over her clothes like she thought I was gonna knock her up again with X-ray vision or something.”

“Like Finn getting dressed in the bathroom.” Kurt says it without thinking, then cringes and waits for Puck to howl with laughter. He doesn't. “I don't know what he thought would happen.”

“Accidental dick-up-ass syndrome is more common than you think.”

Kurt winces at the casual crudeness, but he can't shake the mental image it conjures. It sits fat on his nerves, making him feel uncomfortable and itchy, like having his fingers coated with layers of glue that can't be peeled away.

Denouement in Progress

Just a note that this'll be my last post to this comm. Future recs will probably be made at my journal until I find another more active place.
Not that I mean to say I think there are masses awaiting my posts here, I'm way too self-deprecating for that, honest!
Main Characters or Pairings: Brittany/Santana, Finn/Kurt, Rachel/Quinn, Mike/Matt, Mercedes/Tina, Puck/Artie, Sue/Emma, Will
Length: ~2,500 words
Author on LJ/Author Website: hyperemmalawlz
Why this must be read:

In which McKinley High is hit by Gay Day (which is not unlike Groundhog Day with its stubborn refusal to be over) and some folks take to the opportunity to experiment like fish to water.
“So, do we need to, like... talk about this?”

“That would kind of against the point of this day, girl,” Mercedes answers, finally reaching for her own shirt. “Free same-sex hookups, I think that was the whole motivation behind this. No-one explained all that clearly.”

“Yeah. Still, it was, um, fun,” Tina answers nervously. Mercedes smiles.

“Thanks girl. Just checking, your boy isn't going to freak and kill me, is he?”

Tina shakes her head. “No. Artie gets how I'm bowing to peer pressure[.”]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
13 June 2010 @ 10:31 pm
Main Characters or Pairings: Will, Sue, Will/Finn
Length: ~2,400 words
Author on LJ/Author Website: blualbino
Why this must be read:

In which Sue tries to blackmail Will for inappropriately touching Finn, and while Will's certainly not giving in for an affair he's not even having he does go out of his way to make sure he doesn't do it again on camera.
He felt sort of, well, stupid cornering a student for a secret parking lot hug, but the little grin on Finn's face makes up for it entirely.

13 June 2010 @ 12:26 pm
Main Characters or Pairings: Figgins, Puck, Tina, Mike, Santana, Rachel, Will/Finn
Length: ~1,000 words
Author on LJ/Author Website: tawg
Why this must be read:

Because it's wonderfully fun and almost crack-y with its humor, in which some members of the Glee Club set up to protect their own happy gay couple.
“And so Mr Schue was checking for broken bones but Finn keeps so much crap in his pockets, you know? So it just made sense to get them out of the way, am I right?”

Principal Figgins said nothing.

“Which is why Finn had no pants on, and Mr Schue was touching his thigh when you walked in.” Mike added helpfully. “And why Finn was making those noises.”

It's Not What It Looks Like
04 June 2010 @ 01:24 pm
Main Characters or Pairings: Quinn/Rachel
Length: 1:17 min.
Author on LJ/Author Website: micked18
Why this must be read seen:

In which there's awesome dance moves and flirting, good music and great editing. (And some clips from 1x21 'Funk'; spoiler warning ahoy!)

Touchin' On My
Main Characters or Pairings: Puck, Puck/Kurt
Length: ~5,000 words
Author on LJ/Author Website: halfeatenmoon
Why this must be read:

Because it's clever, in character, full of great humor, has a liberal dose of smart angst, and features Puck in a dress - a look which Kurt doesn't find hot, much to Puck's increasing frustration. What more could you ask for?
“Dude, burn. If you can’t get a kid who’s that gay to check you out, you ain’t half the stud you think you are.”

“That’s not what your mom said last night!” Puck shouted as he jogged away. The guy didn’t even turn around.

Puck turned back to watch Kurt again. He’d hung up his phone but he was tapping his feet and humming something, totally oblivious to football practice.

“Maybe he’s actually straight.”

Finn looked at him sympathetically. “Maybe you’re just not his type.”

Another Notch in a Designer Belt
23 May 2010 @ 12:19 am
Main Characters or Pairings: Will/Bryan
Length: 1:27 min.
Author on LJ/Author Website: tw_31988
Why this must be read seen:

Because it's brilliant! Will Schuester and Bryan Ryan (from ep 1x19 'Dream On'), an R rating, and a plot - what more does a great vid need, I ask ya?

Be With You
22 May 2010 @ 10:30 pm
Main Characters or Pairings: Rachel, Rachel/Puck undertones and friendship
Length: ~3,900 words
Author on LJ/Author Website: of_hearts
Why this must be read:

In which Puck enlists Rachel's help in preparation for his big seduction number in ep 1x18 Laryngitis, there's clothes choosing and lovely, in character bantering, with a sweet cameo from Quinn. There's not many gen fics that I truly like, but this one's a keeper.
“Listen, I could care less who I have to date to get back to my place as top dog.” He turns around in his chair and rests his arm on the back of it. “You don’t get it ‘cause you’re not one of us.”

When her expression transforms into a mixture of sadness and anger, he rolls his chair out, spinning around to face her properly. He leans back and stretches his leg and playfully hits her shins.

“Dude, you know I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Then how did you mean it?”

He sighs and leans forward in his chair. “This chick’s the hot new thing on the Cheerios, okay? She made her way up from fucking nothing. Sometimes you just gotta ride the wave.”

“Which just gets back to my original point of you using sordid means to take advantage of an innocent girl to further your—”

“I don’t understand a single word you just said.”

She pauses for a second and laughs sadly to herself, looking up at the ceiling. “I’m well aware she can’t really stand me and that if our roles were reversed she may not say the same for me, but Mercedes – arch rival and all – doesn’t deserve that.”

“I know,” he looks down from the screen, thinking for a moment, “the chick is pretty decent.”

These Foolish Things
Main Characters or Pairings: Jesse/Quinn (Puck/Quinn, Jesse/Rachel, mild Finn/Quinn)
Length: 8,000
Author on LJ/Author Website: andbless_mybaby
Why this must be read:

Because it's a fantastic, insightful study on Quinn and everything she must be feeling as her pregnancy advances: the insecurities, the anger, the self-loathing. Because everybody's voices are incredibly spot-on. Because, if you find Quinn interesting, this fic delivers everything the back 9 episodes haven't so far.

She’s doing the best she can. She takes her prenatal vitamin, complete with an iron supplement that turns her stomach every morning. She goes to the doctor. She doesn’t flunk off the Honor Roll, even if pregnancy seems as good an excuse to become an academic slacker. She wears Spandex blends and a dress with polka dots because it was only ten dollars on clearance in the maternity section at Sears. She deserves something, she thinks. There isn’t anything else, so it will have to be this.

the last beautiful girl in the world